is online dating worth it: Greatest adult dating sites for anyone tense with regards to online dating service

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Looking for true love or just a short acquaintance? Girlfriend writer Sarah Seiters has tried the most popular dating apps

17 million German singles are looking for great love – or at least a hot adventure. Digital coupling aids promise success. Besides “Tinder” there are numerous other interesting dating apps.

My mother always wanted me to catch a millionaire. With the dating app “Luxy” this should be child’s play. Allegedly only fat, financially strong fish romp around here. Hook: The members decide for themselves whether I’m even worthy of access to the exclusive club. Sure, probably not every rich button is keen on a “pretty woman” who falls straight from the curb into his Lamborghini. So I only upload photos where you can literally smell the money: I was at a job event on the red carpet, I was sailing in the Philippines, I was at Oktoberfest with a 6-liter champagne bottle that I stole from the next table would have. Luckily, you can skip the specification of your own salary (categories from 200,000 euros annually upwards). Then it’s time to wait. Only after 24 hours do those willing to flirt find out whether they meet the jet set requirements. Unless you buy entry with the premium package for 99.99 euros a month. I don’t do that – and that’s how I get unlocked. Less than five minutes later I get a virtual rose from Khalid, 49, an investment banker from Dubai. He asks if I want to be his queen. Leandro, 32, a real estate agent from Nice, wants to know if I prefer to sail with yachts or catamarans. And with architect Adrian, 38, I discuss whether Sydney or Melbourne is cooler. I like Adrian, but he lives in Las Vegas. Meeting for a quick coffee is difficult. When I later look at the men around me, I’m disappointed! None of them look like Richard Gere. On the contrary: everything is rather unglamorous, stocky or well above my specified age limit.

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